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“Not what she thought”

It was May of 1995, and for Lindsay it was another hard working day at the coffee shop. Emma(her best friend) had just called her to see if they can meet at an Italian restaurant that they both liked so much. At 10 pm, Lindsay arrived to the Italian restaurant and started to talk with Emma, “You know, I feel so lonely and so sad; in the last 4 years I had not met any kind guy, and I think I will never find real love”. “Don’t worry”, Emma replied, “You are only 24, and you should wait until destiny decides to join you with the indicated guy”. They continued talking all night long until it was time to return home. They both said goodbye to each other and went back to their respective homes.

Next day, while Lindsay was working, she suddenly realized that a tall, black haired, green eyed man had just arrived to the coffee shop. He looked over 30, but besides that, he was a very sexy man. She stayed paralyzed looking at that gorgeous man. He was just so perfect; like everything he had just wished before.

Every day that passed by, Lindsay watched out that gorgeous man at the coffee shop; and when she realized that he had just arrived to the place, she was the first to serve him. “What are we going to serve to you today?”, she asked. “An American, double sugar coffee, please”, he replied. Since the first time he attended the coffee, he did it alone, and Lindsay was confused about this matter, which made her feel uneasy when she was around him. Although Lindsay thought that the gorgeous man didn’t realize that she liked him, one day, the gorgeous man decided to begin a conversation with her. “What is your name”, he asked. “My name is Lindsay, how about yours?” she replied. “I’m called Alexei, nice to meet you”, he continued. “Hey, don’t you like to take dinner with me tonight, so that we can know each other better?”, he said. “Oh really? that sounds great, of course I want”, she replied. “Well I wait for you here at the coffee shop at 10 pm to take you to a fabulous Caribbean restaurant, you will love it”, after he said that, they both said goodbye to each other. Lindsay was so happy, that she just couldn’t believe what had happened.

Although it was 8 pm, she asked permission to her buss so that she could leave and go home to fix herself. Her buss that had seen her every day so sad, saw her in this occasion so happy, that he immediately let her leave. When she arrived home, she put on the best dress that she had, and make up her face with sweet colors. Then she returned to the coffee shop, and waited for him. Finally, he arrived there and took her to the restaurant that he had told her. “Well, what can I tell about myself?” he said, “I’m 34 years old, I’m the manager of a jeweler company, I don’t have a couple, and I have never been married, so I don’t have kids” he ended. They continued talking and laughing all night long. Suddenly, Lindsay watched her clock and she realized that it was too late and that she better return home. He took Lindsay to her home, but after this, they both decide to continue going out, so that they can know each other better.

After several weeks of flirting each other, Alexei asked Lindsay an opportunity to be her boyfriend. She absolutely accepted, and since that day, every second was just a wonderful moment.

Lindsay was so happy that he immediately called Emma (who had not being on city for a several weeks) she called her to tell her about her happiness. “Hey girl can you come to my home? There’s something I want to tell you”. Five minutes after Lindsay had told her that, Emma arrived Lindsay’s home. Lindsay started to tell all her love story; she was so happy, that she suddenly started to cry. Then, Lindsay showed Emma a picture where Alexei appeared. Emma was just so glad for her, that all she could do was hugging her. It was late and Emma had to go home, but not without giving another big hug with a sweet kiss on her friend’s cheek. When she arrived to her home, she realized that she had taken Alexei’s picture with her. She promised herself, she will return it the next day, but several days passed on, and she forgot to return it.

One morning, while Emma was fixing herself, her mom came to her bedroom, with an unusual face. Emma got confused and she asked what did she have. “What’s this Emma?” her mom asked her showing something. After saying this, her mom’s eyes filled of tears, and she began to tell Emma why she was crying. After Emma heard all those words, she started to cry too. Her mom made her promised she will tell nobody about what she had just told her.

At afternoon Emma decided to go to the coffee shop. There, Emma told Lindsay that she should break up with Alexei, because he was not as good as she thought. After hearing this, Lindsay started to get mad, “Why are you telling these things to me? I’m surprised, I think you are jealous because I have just found the perfect man” Lindsay said madly. “No, I’m not jealous, it’s only that I love you and that I want you to be happy the rest of your life; I think that with that man you won’t be, I know several things about him that I think you won’t like, you know I…”. Emma was so angry that she interrupted her by saying, “Well, I don’t need advices of anybody, and please don’t say you love me, because you don’t; the only person that does it is Alexei, he loves me so much that yesterday he asked me to marry him, and I’m going to do it because I love him too; and please don’t try to lie at me by telling me you know something about him, you don’t even know him, so stop cheating; and don’t talk to me until you apologize yourself, and until you change your points of view, otherwise, I don’t want to talk with you, or even see you again”. After telling this, Lindsay returned to what she was doing at the coffee shop. Emma’s eyes just filled of tears, and all she can do was going home.

Lindsay was so happy because of her wedding, that all day long she was looking for the best dress, the prettiest shoes, and the cutest accessories. One of those day in which she was looking for the best dress, she stopped at a bridge’s store and entered it. She realized that the store man was one of the famous gay designers from Chicago, and immediately she asked him for a beautiful dress for her wedding. He showed her many dresses until she decides for one. After she had chosen it, she passed to a private room to put it on and see if she looked nice with it. While she was putting on the dress, she started to hear strange voices outside. She started to hear that another man was telling to the designer that he was going to get married with a girl just because many people had started to asked about his sexuality; and because he was an important man, he couldn’t permit people say such things about him. “Don’t worry”, the designer said, “You can marry her just to stop bad comments from people, but you can continue flirting with guys whenever you wish”. Lindsay felt so bad about the girl who will marry that man, that she decided to discreetly watch who that terrible man was. Quietly, she opened the door, and she realized that he was a cut, sexy, gorgeous, and nice man, who was holding the designer’s hands. But it was not a common man, he was Alexei. She got so angry and so sad at the same time that she decided to go out from the private room and yell at Alexei, “Why have you done this to me? Forget about me, I don’t want to get married with you anymore”. After saying this, Lindsay runaway from the bridge’s store, without caring she had the dress on. On the way home, she was crying and feeling very sad; but most of all, she felt sad because of the fight she had have with Emma because of Alexei, and she decided to look for her and apologize her.

“I’m sorry, you were right, he was not as good as I thought”, Lindsay said. “Don’t worried, I understand, the good thing is that you are not marring him anymore” Emma replied. “But why did you change your point of view about him, if few days before you were so happy about me?” Lindsay asked. “Well, I promise my mom to tell nobody about this, but even thought I made that promise, that day when you got mad with me at the coffee shop, I wanted to tell this”, Emma continued. “Do you remember you showed me a picture from him? Well that day I accidentally took it home, and although days were passing on, I forgot to return it to you. After few days, one morning my mom came into my room and started to ask me where I had taken that picture. She told me that that man was my father. I got confused because all my life I have thought my dad was dead. She explained me that she had to tell me that because she didn’t want me to suffer. I didn’t understand what she was saying, but then she told me he was bisexual”. Suddenly Emma’s voice started to change, and her eyes filled of tears, but she continued by saying, “When my mother knew his preferences, he decided to runaway from New York, and she came up here into Chicago. Then she realized that she was pregnant, but she couldn’t do anything. She also told me he is not called Alexei, but Vincent, and that he is not 31, but 43. Now, after 23 years, he is here, in the same city that my mom is, and without knowing he has a daughter. As you can see, he is a liar, but besides that, he is my dad”. Lindsay got shocked; she had no words to say, the only words she could specked were, “I’m sorry of not believing in you Emma, but it is too late, I had just realized that I’m pregnant too”. After Lindsay said this, both of them hugged each other and began to cry until moon had arrived.
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invitado-Roldan 30-04-2006 00:00:00

That's wonderfull story; and sorry for your's friends to find a real love. I give u 10 pts. Please mail-me. A big hug 4U. Roldan

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